About us

In addition to the gastronomy and organization of the publication, which started its journey in 2007 for the sector. He has worked in agency services, photography, production and consulting. Over time, within the scope of gastronomy, Sözen Publishing continues to work in business relations with all layers of the industry.


The changing world order, innovative technologies and keep up communication lines always said that protecting Publishing, Turkey is following closely the world of gastronomy, which contributes to gastronomy. It is the Sozen Publishing today brings together world-renowned chefs in Turkey. Sözen Publishing shows in FoodinLife, FoodinLife World, Patisserie by FoodinLife and Coffee Business magazines that have created their creativity and diversity in their own way.

Another publication that is included in the ‘FoodinLife Sector Catalog’ which is published every year and contains contact information of all companies in its content.


Continuing its activities for 11 years without interruption, Sözen Yayıncılık Organizasyon Turizm Gida San. and Tic. Has become one of the leading companies in the sector with its printed and digital publications. News Portal (www.foodinlife.com) is the fastest and reliable follower of sectoral developments. Also, following the innovations in the field of gastronomy from Turkey and around the world. Another news portal has reached many people with Food in Life Gastronomy, news about the industry, from kitchen chefs, food and beverage managers, hotel and restaurant managers to gourmets.


In the field of organization, Sözen Publishing is making significant achievements in the name of Turkish and world gastronomy. Turkey and the Turkish gastronomy by means of conferences aims to introduce worldwide.


In this context, since 2015, organized by Turkey from across the world to take part in important tourist and gastronomic destinations of Turkey, International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference reached this target. Every year in Istanbul and in various other countries, the world’s most prestigious organization, the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference, brings together world-famous Michelin stars and world’s most important lists, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and many top chefs at Gault Millau It brings. Gastroway, the brand of Sözen Publishing and Organization, is an important motto in the name of Turkish gastronomy. Gastroway aims to introduce Turkish cuisine, culture and history to the world as well as to reveal the relation of today’s world gastronomy to history. Gastroway star chefs from different regions of the world, the world of gastronomy of important writers and journalists, gourmets every year brings together different points of Turkey.


There are contests organized by Sözen Publishing in the area of gastronomy, called Local Chef, Ottoman Cuisine, Pastry of Istanbul and Chef’s of the Future.